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Lashionista Luxury Lashes (LLL) is thrilled to offer you the striking, full-strip 100% natural Siberian mink eyelash! These intriguing lashes are handmade, high fashion, stylish, flirty and elegant, and cater to all tastes.

All Lashionista Luxury Lashes are made of natural Siberian mink fur, which has been sterilized and not chemically treated, maintaining the soft yet vivid feel. We only source the highest grade of mink to produce our handmade eyelashes, with each lash being 'pre-shed' from the mink, resulting in no animals being hurt in the process and our lashes being 100% cruelty free.

Lashionista Luxury Lashes are available in sizes ranging from 15mm-25mm and are suitable for people who like length and volume, as well as those that want the more subtle look. Should you wish to dazzle at a party, dinner, photoshoot or wedding, or you want something a little more understated for work and day to day activities, Lashionista Luxury Lashes has something for you!

Lashionista Luxury Lashes are also easy to wear and reusable. With the right care, your lashes can be worn up to 25 times.

Follow our care guide to get the most out of your Lashionista lashes.

Lash reviews -

'The lash band is sooo light! And the lashes are full, dramatic and sooooo fluffy! 😍' – Haycho

' . . . they last forever! I haven’t had to order any new ones in at least 3 months and I wear them so many times! Can’t recommend @lashionista_18 enough. THE fluffiest and most beautifully packaged lashes I’ve ever received' – jadewestwood

'OMG my lashes just came. Your packaging is amazing . . . JUST WOW 😍 Thank you so much. Ordered them yesterday afternoon and they came first thing this morning, and the lashes are amazing! 😍' – Megan Jean

'Just got my lashes in the post and I’m actually in love 😍😍😍😍. They feel so fluffy and real and they’re so stretchy unlike some stiff lashes! Not to mention they’re BEAUTIFUL 😍' – Kelly ODriscoll

With your first Lashionista Luxury Lashes order, you will receive a LLL loyalty card. Click here for more details.

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